Private Labeling And Packaging Services

Save money and time with our In-House Packaging capabilities. With low minimums, we can provide the highest quality and cost effective Private Label and retail ready packaging. As you strive to grow your business, we know you have better things to do with your time. Allow us to manage your packaging so your energy can be focused on what’s important.

Choose from our bulk packs, our unlabeled individual packs, or labeled retail packs. 

Retail/Individual Packaging:

  • 4oz 16oz 32oz Clear Plastic Bottles

  • Sealing and Packing

  • Unlabeled or Labeled

In-House Label Design and Printing:

Request custom label design and consultation from our graphic team, or design your own for us to print.

Bulk Packaging:

  • 10-50lb Bag-In-Box (BIB)



We have made quality our biggest focus when creating your specific blend by using no MSG, preservatives, or additives in any of our blends. Many of our blends are salt, sugar or gluten free. After years of perfecting already great mixes, our team knows exactly what will bring the highest satisfaction from your customers.

we can fit the best blend for you from our existing line or start a new line from scratch. Aiming to separate from the competition, many of our blends contain no salt or sugar while also producing fat-free and sugar-free options.


Spice Blends:

Seasoning, Spices, Sauces, Popcorn Topping, Rubs

Bakery Mixes
Pancakes, Waffle

Recipe R&D

Whether you need help developing recipes from scratch, making economical or flavor improvements to what you have or reverse-engineering a famous flavor, our team is more than capable of providing what you need. Come to Saucy Sonya's Spices if your goal is to co-create a product customers can't live without. We charge $150.00/hr for this service and blends typically take about 2 hours or longer.


A typical 4 oz net weight spice blend looks something like this for pricing;

50= $3.00/unit

200= $2.75/unit
350= $2.50/unit

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